Photos 2015

On Sunday 26 April Williton travelled to Lynton and Lynmouth for a friendly match, winning on two out of four rinks 64-61. J Thorne, A Totman and R Mitchell won 21-10; L Prout, V Buller and E Ferris lost 14-21; T Gibson, L Bullock and H Poole won 16-12; and S Harrod, S Every and C Thorne lost 13-18. The above photo shows the players in action at Lynton and Lynmouth Bowling Club.

Members of Williton Bowling Club gathered at the Club on the evening of Monday 4th May for the presentation of a seat in memory of the late Muriel Husband given by her family. Club president David Sully said, ‘Every sport club must have a solid backbone and Muriel was certainly a very important part of that. We all knew of her skills on the green but it was not until I got on the committee that I realised just how important she was to the club, behind the scenes and as president.

‘It was a very sad day when Muriel passed away but how lucky Williton was that she came here to play her bowls. Those who played alongside her will never forget her but now, thanks to Ian and his family, we have a lovely permanent reminder, situated in the sunniest part of the green, which is apt considering the sunny smile she always had. I hope when new members come along and ask about the names on the benches, they are told how loved she was and how important and how missed by the club.’

Presentation seat with Dave Sully President and Muriel's Family on Monday 4th may

Picture from the Annual Dinner and Trophy Presentation 28th November